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You are here News VISIT TO THE NEPALESE EMBASSY ON 10th MAY 2011


(Reported by Mas Torah / Secretary)

May 3rd. 2011, was a good day. Our Acting President, Jeffery Foo, VP2, Bayen Lok, AJK Ivan Leong, and our Secretary Mas Torah have visited the Ambassador, Dr. Rishi Adhikari & the Labor Attache’ from Nepal in the Nepal Embassy to discuss about the placement of Nepalese domestic helpers in Malaysia.

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The Nepalese Government has shown keen interest in the sending their female nationality to Malaysia under strict control. We have discussed on the issues arising within the maid industry. They have shown great interest in the PROTECTION; FAIR PRICING; SALARY; DEDUCTIONS; CONTROL & STRICT IMPLEMENTATION intended by PAPA and we have assured them that our priority is to work within the framework of safety and control. We will ensure that our PAPA members shall be fair and the concept of protecting all parties shall be one of the pillars of our cooperation with them.

His Excellency and the Labor Attaché have been briefed in detail and they are very interested in the protection mechanism proposed.

All the terms and conditions proposed by the Ambassador have been accepted and shall be implemented within the confines of the proposed requirements of the Nepalese Government and of the Malaysian Government.

Many initiatives have been done by the AJK and all PAPA members shall be kept informed in due time and also of any new development with the Nepalese Government.