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You are here News KDN BENGKEL PORT DICKSON ON 15. 07.2011


On 15.07.2011, PAPA has been invited to participate in the Bengkel organized by KDN together with the Immigration Department from other states. The purpose was to discuss on the matters concerning the bringing in of Indonesian Domestic Helpers.


The workshop was held in Port Dickson where 10 PAPA member agencies have attended the course.

We were all divided and placed into their groupings where all issues on the Domestic Helpers were discuss and every point brought up had been commented by all present.

It was good as PAPA was recognized for its role in the industry and our views were heard and noted done. At the end of the session, the points gathered were highlighted and adopted by KDN for further discussion with the top management of the Ministry. There was no hold back and everyone was free to express their opinions and from all the sharing, a conclusion was derived at. This opinion was then discussed further during the presentation by the Immigration Officers at the end of the session.


On PAPA’s front, we were happy because it only showed how serious and professional our government was; as we were the main stakeholders in this industry with so many agencies as members of PAPA.

We have always stressed that we are here as an Association, ever ready to work with our government and ministries concerning the maid industry.

At the end of the day, we have gone home glad because we know that our government was really serious and meant business to protect the Domestic Helpers coming to work in our country. In this respect, we strongly feel that once the industry is well regularized, every party will be in a win-win position. Syabas to KDN for organizing this bengkel because they want to hear from the ground and the main stakeholders to get feed backs on the industry. SYABAS KDN!!!