Monday, Nov 28th

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Today was a very special day. The Director of the Labor section of the Vietnamese Embassy Mr. Nguyen Tien San, has called us for a meeting and dinner in the Vietnam Village in 1 Utama in Damansara. Those who were invited were our Acting President, Mr. Jeffery Foo, Mr. Foo Yong Hooi, Bayen Lok and our Madam Lim. From the Vietnamese Embassy, we have the pleasure of Mr. Nguyen Tien San, the Director of Labor Section; Mr. Nguyen Quoc Khanh, the Attaché’ Officer of the Labor Section and Miss Pham.

It was a meeting that has brought back many old memories how PAPA has worked with the Embassy in the recruitment of Vietnamese Domestic Helpers and general workers from Vietnam.

Many aspects of collaboration have been discussed especially on the protection of the Vietnamese migrant workers and how to prevent abuses and non-payment of salaries.

It is good to hear that the Embassy has decided to work with PAPA on the sending of their workers to Malaysia as PAPA is the only recognized association in Malaysia and most of PAPA members are actively in procuring migrant workers from Vietnam and many other countries. There was much concern on the treatment of migrant workers in Malaysia and how we as PAPA can play a role to protect the workers. Mr. Nguyen Tien San is very concerned for his Vietnamese workers coming into Malaysia to work and he is willing to work with PAPA on the matter.

He has also stressed on the selection of good employers and to introduce a mechanism whereby, all the Vietnamese workers can be monitored effectively. This is the reason why only selected few are allowed to bring in Vietnamese workers to work in Malaysia and in Vietnam itself, only limited agencies are allowed to export the Vietnamese workers to Malaysia.

Surely the migrant workers need to be protected and their welfare taken care of and we believe that with the cooperation between PAPA and the Vietnam Embassy, we can ensure a better future for all Vietnamese workers coming into Malaysia to work. The protection mechanism that we have drawn up can be effective as it is a very comprehensive and practical mechanism that will also enable the Vietnamese Embassy to monitor her workers right till they leave for home.

In the end, we thank Mr. Nguyen Tien San on the trust and faith they have in PAPA as a legal and recognized Association. We left the restaurant feeling good because we also believe that all migrant workers should be treated well and be protected against unscrupulous agents and employers.