Monday, Nov 28th

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On 17.08.2011, a meeting was organized by the Sri Lankan Deputy High Commissioner on the visit of their Minister H.E. Dilan Perera, the Sri Lankan Minister of Foreign Employment, Promotion & Welfare together with the Deputy High Commissioner of Sri Lankan and his staff in the Embassy.


We are also very pleased that some of the PAPA member agencies had join us in the meeting namely Those attended: Our Acting President, Mr. Jeffery Foo, Mr. Bayen Lok, and AJK Madam Lim and representatives from other PAPA member agencies like Agensi JL Reliance Sdn. Bhd, Agensi Pekerjaan Jasa Tenaga, Agensi Pekerjaan Amanra Sdn Bhd, Agensi Pekerjaan HR Access Sdn Bhd, Agensi Rumayan Timur Sdn Bhd, Agensi Pekerjaan RX Sdn Bhd & Agensi Pekerjaan ZNS Wawasan Recruiting Sdn Bhd. Our Acting President, Mr. Jeffery Foo would like to thank all who have come to support PAPA in this meeting. Syabas to those who have attended the meeting.

It has been a long time since PAPA has met with the officials of the Sri Lankan High Commissioner’s office and Jeffery Foo has expressed a renewal of close working relationship with the Sri Lankan High Commissioner’s office from now onwards.

H.E. Dilan Perera has also stressed on the importance of maintaining a close working relationship with PAPA being the largest stakeholder in the industry and one association recognized by the Malaysian Government. He has expressed hope that both parties should meet as often as possible to discuss any matter arising with Sri Lankan maids and even workers in the formal sector. He personally believes that only through open minded and “out of the box” discussion can issues be sorted out.

The matter on the monthly salary has been discussed and the Minister has set the salary range at RM800.00 per month with the assurance that the Sri Lankan maids would be trained in house work and attitude. They will even arrange Malaysian trainers to train their Sri Lankan trainers on the work expectation in Malaysia and send them back to train the maids in Sri Lanka. Our Acting President has requested that the maids be certified on their job capability to assure the Malaysian employers that they are paying for a quality maid that has been trained since the salary is RM800.00.

It is so assuring to hear that H.E. will also provide a Malaysian staff to be stationed in the Commissioner’s office to assist them and a new DGM will be brought into Malaysia to show their seriousness of improving the standard of the maids and the efficiency of the Commissioner’s office so that the Malaysian agencies and customers will be better served. And on the present standing instructions should not be changed without giving notice and it must be from one source only.

H.E. also stressed the importance of working together to protect the Sri Lankan maids and PAPA has assured H.E. that PAPA members have all the while treated their maids well but we cannot control those illegal agencies that are doing direct hire and has requested H.E. to look into the possibility of stopping direct hire.

The meeting ended well and we left their office with a feeling of easiness and a feeling of good partnership after being assured by the Minister and the High Commissioner of the cooperation that we have gone into and that the Sri Lankan maids provided will be trained. PAPA and the Deputy High Commissioner have agreed in principle to meet as often as we can to iron out any issues and Jeffery has mentioned that the High Commissioner of Sri Lankan should recognized the role played by PAPA member Agencies.